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Why are we a different clinic: Because we are!

What makes us different

image for story Why are we a different clinic: Because we are!

June has arrived and our pelvic health clinic is undergoing a lot of change , our Birmingham clinic is full almost 3 weeks ahead and we have added some brilliant new female pelvic health physios like Miriam to the team and we welcomed Lisa back after her battle with COVID. The big change is we still also see a lot of patients online and particularly our male pelvic helath patients from abroad and different areas of the UK and of course our London clinic is now open and quite busy considering it's early days. 

We are always overwhelmed by the comments we get from our patients. Check out our patient blogs on ( ) and our 80 + google reviews for our Birmingham clinic. 

When male pelvic pain patients ring up they usually ask one thing " Do you see patients like me and have you seen anyone else like this?" . There is often a stunned silence when they hear we have 2 male pelvic health physios , we see approx 40 male pelvic pain patients a week and that we do this work 5 days a week. We are not a physio clinic that sees one or two men a week alongside our female patients, we have a dedicated full time male pelvic health physiotherapy service. They are also pleased to hear that alongside treating patients we are also heavily involved in the training of other physios in male pelvic pain. Many of our patients say " you seem to really understand this " or " why do more people not know about this condition". 

During lockdown we were busy on youtube ( gerard greene physio ) as we travelled the globe interviewing male pelvic health experts from Australia, France but also focused on lots of UK expertise with Karl Monahan ( London ) on male pelvic pain and Adrian Wagstaff ( Reading and Swansea ) on Hard Flaccid.  We have also taught male pelvic health courses online in Australia, UK , Turkey, USA  and Canada. 

If you have any queries about your male pelvic pain, pudendal neuralgia or hard flaccid or you are a man post prostate surgery who has urinary incontence or erectile dysfunction feel free to contact us and Gerard will happily speak to you on the phone or via email whatever your preference is.

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image for story Why are we a different clinic: Because we are!
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We are booking appointments through May, 2024.


If you would like to schedule an appointment beyond May, 2024 or have any other appointment needs or any other questions please contact London Men's Health Physio using the form below or by phone, 07902 389456.

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