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Male Pelvic (Perineal) Pain Research

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Our friends and colleagues in Curtin University, Perth , Western Australia are doing some research on pelvic pain and need the help of men who are experiencing perineal pain to complete their questionaire. This will be a valuable piece of research and please help out. Dr Judith Thompson who is involved in this reasearch and is a passionare advocate for helping men with pelvic pain.

As we are a clinic that sees big numbers of patients with male pelvic pain we are hopeful that we can help Judith and her colleagues find more men who can complete their questionaire.

This is your chance to help move research into male pelvic pain forwards.

If you are male with perineal pain, please think of completing the questionaire ( Link below)

If you are in a pelvic pain forum or group ( please share the link =/- QR poster)

If you are physio or clinician who sees men with perineal pain please share the link and QR poster with your patients and across your platforms.


Questionaire Link

Many Thanks

Gerard & team

image for story Male Pelvic (Perineal) Pain Research
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