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Our London Clinic is Open.

Really big thanks to those who have helped me do this.

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A very big welcome to my new Men's Health clinic in London.

I always feel it is really important to thank those who support and help you. I owe a huge amount of thanks to many people.Firstly Benoy Mathews who is a leading UK and International physio clinician and tutor who has done an awful lot to bring make this happen. Benoy has been a rock and even at times when my confidence wavered a little during COVID he would be on the phone with much needed re-assurance. 

Jonny Campbell from Venn who reached out to come aboard the Storz team and enable me both to work in central London and train up in focused shockwave. 

Rushabh Savla  from R & D physio who's new state of the art Physio clinic is alongside where I am in London. I have only known Rush a short time and met him initially only a few weeks ago in clinic and he has been beyond welcomming.

Suresh Sudula is known to many as a pioneering physio in injection therapy and he is also in clinic when I am there. Suresh is a busy person but he has also gone out of his way to do everything he can to enable me to settle in like answering my mundane questions i.e. where to the towels go! As I said probably the easiest question he answered all week. To work alongside Benoy, Rush and Suresh will inspire me to do more and move forwards with my practice also.

I am lucky to have several close and dependable friends among the Physiotherapy London community and Sarah ( Marsh ) and Maria ( Elliot ) have always encouraged me to come and work in London and re-assured me that it would be ok and they have always been a source of both support and good counsel. It is great that Maria is around the corner in her clinic and Sarah is closeby also in the Cromwell Hospital.

The London POGP ( special interest group ) have also reached out to welcome me and I am very excited about collaborating with them and also jumping onto some of their super specialist courses to learn more. Thanks also to my patients who used to get on the train from London to Birmingham and never once complained ( to me anyways ) about the trains, taxis, M40 etc but would turn up in Birmingham as if they lived round the corner. Their journey is now a lot shorter although I still get lost around central London on the way to and from Euston and it's great for my step count.  Finally Paul Lamont from Birmingham who is a web genius and an inspiring and fun guy to be around. He has built 3 websites for us and many for my colleagues and Paul really gets what I want.

My biggest thanks goes to my dear dear special friend Dr Ruth Jones. When I worked in Ruth's clinic in Southampton we planned to open a joint clinic in central London as many patients travelled to Southampton from London to see her and several of the specialists who sent her patients were from London. We had got very close to opening that clinic but life intervened and Ruth's health deteriorated significantly. I feel truly blessed to have worked in clinic with Ruth and been trained by her in the area of complex male pelvic pain and I know she would be proud of me doing this and would say or probably shout in a very loud voice " well done you". Ruth changed many many lives with her work and the thing I am most proud of are the years spent in her clinic in Southampton and also spending so much time with her when she taught and presented. 

Many thanks and if you have any queries about what I shall be doing in London please get in touch (


image for story Our London Clinic is Open.
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We are booking appointments through July, 2024.


If you would like to schedule an appointment beyond July, 2024 or have any other appointment needs or any other questions please contact London Men's Health Physio using the form below or by phone, 07902 389456.

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