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Focused Shockwave for Erectile Dysfunction with Gerard & Sarah

How Gerard & Sarah can help your Erectile dysfunction in the London clinic

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Erectile Dysfunction and Focused Shockwave Therapy: Gerard & Sarah can help

Gerard and Sarah (Marsh) are used to seeing large numbers of men with pelvic floor dysfunction. They are used to seeing men with erectile dysfunction and are some of the few male pelvic health specialist physios to have experience and expertise in the use of focused shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction. They are also involved in the training of other physios and clinicians in this field and have run large focus shockwave training events with world leading male pelvic health experts like Dr Jo Milios from Perth in Western Australia.

Seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction is a big step and such a decision takes time and often much research. See a clinician who is experienced and who sees lots of men like you and can help you, see Gerard or Sarah.

Gerard & Sarah use focused shockwave for:

  • Vascular erectile dysfunction
  • Erectile dysfunction in younger men who may have hard flaccid syndrome
  • Erectile dysfunction related to pelvic pain.
  • Peyronie’s Disease
  • Post prostatectomy erectile dysfunction

How does Shock wave help Erectile Dysfunction?

While medication like Viagra provides a temporary solution to erectile dysfunction, they do not change the underlying pathophysiology of loss in vascular supply and reduced nitric oxide release. 

Focus shockwave leads to new blood vessels are formed and the release of nitric oxide is enhanced dilating blood vessels and increasing erectile function. 

The overall effect increases and enhances perfusion and thus provides a longer standing change in erectile tissue physiology and therefore enhanced erectile function. 

Benefits of Focused Shockwave

  • Focused Shockwave treats the cause of erectile dysfunction rather than the symptoms
  • No medication is involved
  • No side affects
  • Over 80% success rate
  • Applied externally and comfortable to receive




How many sessions are required?

Usually, 6 to 8 sessions are needed in most cases. 

To start getting help with your erectile dysfunction from Gerard & Sarah:

Email the clinic or call. 

If you are confident, you require Shock wave then simply book online using the online services.

 More Info:


Check out this super Focused Shockwave from Venn Healthcare that Gerard does lots of work with.

Super Video on how Focused Shockwave can help ( just click the link)


image for story Focused Shockwave for Erectile Dysfunction with Gerard & Sarah
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