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Huge thanks to Dot.Physio for featuring London Men's Health Physiotherapy over one their website, check out the full article here.

Opening a new physiotherapy clinic in a city distant from where you live during a global pandemic is a daunting prospect. Gerard Greene’s pelvic health clinic is in Birmingham, United Kingdom but he was always keen to take his men’s health expertise to London, 120 miles away.

Men’s health physiotherapy helps with pelvic pain, pudendal neuralgia, ejaculatory disorders, erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence and post prostatectomy erectile dysfunctions and urinary incontinence, but it is relatively unknown by the public, medical practitioners and even physiotherapy colleagues,

An unknown business providing an unknown service is a hard way to start a clinic, especially in a global business hub like London.  If patients and referrers can’t find you on Google, they can’t find you at all!  So Gerard reached out to our Managing Director Glenn Ruscoe and after a brand strategy discussion registered for his new business’s website.

Glenn said,

Gerard’s domain contains the exact keywords of the service: ‘London’, ‘Men’s Health’ and ‘Physio’, all of which helps the website rank higher in keyword searches, contributes to a 25% increase in click-ability and increases user-reported satisfaction with the website content.  Plus it is short, memorable and highly relevant which are perfect from a word-of-mouth perspective”.

Gerard believes the domain has been a huge help in quickly filling his London clinic, getting him busy from day one.  He soon added two new male specialist physiotherapists to the team and subsequently filled their schedules. A long waiting list now exists.

Gerard said,

“Getting a good web address is one of the key decisions to get right for any new business and ours clearly tells searchers that we provide men’s health physiotherapy in London. In fact with our domain name ‘we are’ men’s health physiotherapy in the minds of Londoners.  Patients like it, referrers like it and Google likes it”.


image for story London Men's Health Featured on Dot.Physio
london mens health physiotherapy logo
london mens health physiotherapy logo


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